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"Specialty Dry Goods came out of my desire to do something with my hands". Made in Los Angeles by Edie Kahula Pereira, Specialty Dry Goods is about utilitarian products of good and thoughtful design - a new classic with a modern artisans point-of-view. Edie's focus is to design and make useful everyday products in quality materials that will endure. "what makes me smile - the thought of my bags going on many adventures as people take them into their lives." Edie's creative direction is influenced by her working past in architecture, as a product producer, art/product curator, fashion scout, as a person who likes to walk the urban environment, sit in cafes and travel to places far away. "i love it when a design detail comes out of solving an issue - it's the limitations that inspire creativity. Although CAD/tech savvy, it's playing with the actual materials (having them laid out in front of me) where the product comes to life." Specialty Dry Goods strives to make responsible choices; practical is always a must. edie kahula pereira - designer, maker, creative director.

Saturday, July 25, 2015


gosh...where does time go? the days just fly by, the nights...it's morning again.
if you're ever wondering what specialty dry goods and i have been up to, please
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thank you for stopping in !

callahan hand stitch strap 2