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"Specialty Dry Goods came out of my desire to do something with my hands". Made in Los Angeles by Edie Kahula Pereira, Specialty Dry Goods is about utilitarian products of good and thoughtful design - a new classic with a modern artisans point-of-view. Edie's focus is to design and make useful everyday products in quality materials that will endure. "what makes me smile - the thought of my bags going on many adventures as people take them into their lives." Edie's creative direction is influenced by her working past in architecture, as a product producer, art/product curator, fashion scout, as a person who likes to walk the urban environment, sit in cafes and travel to places far away. "i love it when a design detail comes out of solving an issue - it's the limitations that inspire creativity. Although CAD/tech savvy, it's playing with the actual materials (having them laid out in front of me) where the product comes to life." Specialty Dry Goods strives to make responsible choices; practical is always a must. edie kahula pereira - designer, maker, creative director.

Friday, May 30, 2014


colombia-based e-commerce site with a physical presence in miami - purchase $100 worth of product donates a day of school to a child. and, don't forget to look for specialty dry goods!

nomadista's miami location,

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

potholders and pre-school

sweet little note for specialty dry goods as a thank you for the donation of potholders for their preschool fundraiser.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

specialty dry goods on the road and in transition

today's work surface:

specialty dry goods (leather) has been growing organically since june 2013, with intention august 2013. sdg began with a focus on utilizing remnant leather. demand for larger bags and multiple units (one-of-a-kind products are actually quite time consuming) branched out sdg's direction to non-remnant hide (from food by-product). during this months designers and agents tradeshow in nyc and the current one kings lane artisanal man promotion, sdg launched (usa surplus) denim & canvas bags into the line. having to balance the economics of it all and feeling like i've gotten away from producing with remnant leather (the stories that come with it), sdg will be launching a couple of new collections - 'small things' (remnant leather only bags) and 'urban nomad' (found and artisanal fabrics). will speak more about these programs soon. still on the road and lots of work to do...returning to la tomorrow (a city & friends i do love) yet, already feel like i'm missing ny and my friends here. A tale of two cities.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bags on Big Cartel

finally getting around to posting new items. small steps but eventually a collection will be available! click here to view...thank you!

Monday, May 12, 2014

one kings lane 'artisanal man'

promotion just launched.  specialty dry goods is very excited to be a participating vendor.
if you fancy, visit this link then scroll to below to check sdg's new unisex products.